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Privacy Policy

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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Interior Studio owns the website which renders interior designing services established under the Indian companies act, 1956. Interior studio has designed a privacy policy that applies to its subsidiaries and affiliates, related entities to collect and use from the users of this website under a high privacy policy designed.

We at Interior Studio have set highly secured privacy policies to protect your personal information and data we collect on this website to provide the best services to our customers. This policy defines all the practices we follow to provide services at Interior Studio and all the privacy principles that have been covered under this policy governing the website.

Your Privacy is our commitment

We respect your privacy and hence have committed to keep your personal and sensitive information under highly secured ethical policies. Here, we describe what type of information we collect from you and how we use and share it under the policy keeping your privacy at utmost security valuing the trust of our customers at Interior Studio. We advise you to read the document carefully, by reading and accessing the services you are agreed to our policy disclosed. For any further queries, please contact our customer support. owned by the Interior Studio company uses cookies to enhance the service experience to the customers whenever the customer visits the website or any other entities related to the website. We send cookies to your browser when you access the website and store the browsing information to improve the experience, however, our cookies do not collect your personal information. To your convenience, we advise to change your cookie setting on your browser. By agreeing with the policy and accessing the website, we believe that you are accorded with our cookie policy.

How we use Cookies?
A cookie is a small information stream that carries a unique identifier to each browser that a customer uses. On customer consent, that cookie consisting of unique identifiers store browser information stored on the computer. We use cookies to identify the customer, record the browsing information, registration information, to save their service preferences and to enhance the services to the customers. The cookies are used to track your website browsing pages and keep logged onto the website and to make the website user-friendly and improve the experience.

What types of cookies are used?

Advertisement cookies are placed on the website related to your shopping experience that matches your preference on the website. These cookies collect ad information and the times the ad is visited on the website.

  • Essential cookies are the primary ones that are used for the efficient functioning of the website.
  • Analytics cookies are placed on your computer to analyze how a visitor is landed on the website. These cookies analyze how a user is interacting on the site and what services capture customer’s interest.
  • Customization cookies are used to track the customer’s behaviour and repeated visits on the site and help to alter the services and render the tailored services.
  • Security cookies are used to gather browning information to prevent any sort of security risks. These cookies are used to protect the user’s data from violation.
  • Third-party site cookies are optional ones that can be disabled on your browser settings. These cookies gather information certainly when a user visits any other website that renders our services but does not gather any personal information of the user.
  • Site management cookies are often used manually for the proper maintenance of the website. These cookies gather information to maintain the identity and restore information on pages.
  • Other tracking technologies are the entities that collect information other than cookies, like tiny web objects like web beacons, pixel tags and a means of limited data to perform statistics and check how many visitors landed on a page or number of views or email viewers. However, you can always change, customize and turn off your cookie settings depends on your preferences. We commit to protect our customers’ privacy and date under high-security policies.


For more detailed information on how we use the cookies information, we request you to go through our privacy policy. For further information please contact our customer support.


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