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Modular Kitchen Interior Designers

Kitchen is the more functional space of every home and homemaker and the idea of a modular kitchen is to make the space more functional and stylish by modulating each section of the kitchen. The significant aspect of a modular kitchen is the assembly of units to make your space more vital and to move and rearrange the units with ease when you shift to places. We at Interior studio, plan to work with productivity and give the best-finished product easy to open, close and rearrange with smooth assembling.

Considering the space and size of your kitchen, our designers will plan and design the best modular kitchen according to your requirements like a straight modular kitchen, L-shaped kitchen, Island kitchen and U-shaped kitchen. You can opt for a straight modular kitchen if your kitchen triangle is small and want to have a smart and storage space. L-shaped and Island kitchens are best for large spaces and having more functional units in the kitchen. U-shaped kitchen comes with different counters like baking, breakfast counters, food prep counters and much more space units.

We can also create a unique modular kitchen to enhance the utility space in the kitchen categorizing the cooking counters, food prep counters, baking counters and the utility space to give an extravagant aesthetic appearance. This is the perfect space-saving kitchen to declutter the clumsy space and segregate neatly in the drawers and baskets that comes with the units personalized.  We transform your tiny little space to an eye-catchy modular kitchen with smart storage units added with sleek themes.

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