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Bathroom Washbasin Cabinets

Bathroom Washbasin Cabinets

Bathroom Washbasin Cabinets Design Services

Best Bathroom Washbasin Designs

Gone days are where the washbasin cabinets look like a simple porcelain washbasin with a mirror to use, in this modern-era a washbasin unit is almost equivalent to a fancy dressing unit or a touch-up place. We create the best washbasin units with cabinets. We give a variety of options of basins like the semi and full pedestal washbasins, wall-hung washbasins, countertop mounted washbasins,  under-mounted washbasins, vessel types, recessed types depending on the cost and preference of the customer.

These washbasins are attached with designer tap sets like a wall-mounted, top-mounted, waterfall and many more taps that suit the entire unit. We can also give cabinets to store the essentials inside, on customer's requirements we can also provide a long cabinet matching the theme of the unit to store the toiletry essentials. With all these elements, a beautiful long mirror, towel hangers topped with a bright light finishes the washbasin unit. We design seaters if you have more space, a separate shower area, commode and a bathing tub of high quality. To complement the whole area and give calm look these days in-door plants are been placed in the wash-basin units.

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